Who was Khalil Al Wazir?

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Khalil al-Wazir was one of the founders of the Palestinian political movement Fatah, the main component of the Palestine Liberation Organization led from 1969 to 2004 by fellow Palestinian militant Yasser Arafat, who reigned as chairman of the PLO until his death.  Known by his nom de guerre Abu Jihad, or “Father of the Struggle,” al-Wazir was also, along with Arafat, a leader of the Palestinian terrorist organization responsible for numerous hijackings of commercial aircraft and bombings of Israeli buses, schools, restaurants, and other “targets” of liberation.  Operating out of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, al-Wazir commanded many terrorist operations against what the PLO considers the illegitimate Zionist enemy, prompting the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon in 1982.  The result of Israel’s invasion, in addition to the Jewish state.  On April 16, 1988, Israeli commandos infiltrated the Tunis neighborhood in which al-Wazir was living, made their way to his home, and assassinated him before slipping safely back out to sea. 

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