Who was Kate Jacobs, and what did she contribute to music?

Expert Answers
theyellowbookworm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kate Jacobs, an American singer-songwriter based in New Jersey, is known for her folk-Americana style. Born in 1959, Jacobs dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer when she was a young child. Her early life was immersed in music. Her mother and father sang at home and, at church, she poured out tunes of the civil-rights era and the folk revival. In the early 1980s, in New York City, Jacobs lived her dream of dancing. However, by 1987, she had begun to write music. She recorded her first album, The Calm Comes After, in 1992 and was signed by Bar/None Records. Shortly after, in 1995, Jacobs released her second album, Regret followed by a 1999 release, Hydrangea. Her fourth album, You Call That Dark, came out in 2004 and was followed seven years later, in 2011, with her latest release, Home Game.

Jacobs is credited with an angelic voice and the unique ability to tell a story in the short frame of the song. Critics claim that Jacobs’ soprano voice is best captured in her ballads.