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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar was a military and political leader in Rome in the last century before Christ.  He became well known because of his part in changing over Rome from a republic to an empire.  Here is a brief overview:

Caesar was a successful military man.  This earned him a name in Rome and allowed him to garner some power.  With that power, he was able to gain more power and more of an army.  He used this army to conquer lands in the name of Rome, particularly in the Gallic War.  He was also successful in carrying the Roman army onto the island of Britain and helping to establish Roman settlements there. 

His success in these areas made him very popular with the troops and with much of the public of Rome.  However, he was often at odds with the Senate, who felt that Caesar had too much power.  When the Senate asked Caesar to give up the post he held as Proconsul, Caesar refused (for various reasons).  Instead, he brought his army, crossed the Rubicon, and entered Rome in Civil War.  He fought armies of the leader Pompey and won, and got himself appointed dictator.  He resigned this post, but was repeatedly elected to the post of consul.  His multiple terms, and his popularity amongst the people, made others nervous.  There was a feeling that he would again be made, or make himself, a dictator.

He actually was made dictator two more times, and was given the title of Father of the Fatherland.  Although each of his "dictatorships" were still set by term limits, his power and control was largely at odds with purpose of the Senate overall.  In 44 BC, a group of senators - the most famous being Brutus - conspired and assassinated Caesar.  The effect was not what they hoped.  Rather than returning Rome to a full republic, the assassination enraged the public and brought about the downfall of the Senate and the installment of Caesar's nephew as Emperor - and Rome moved from republic to empire.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar was perhaps the most famous leader in the history of Rome.  He was a military leader and a political leader.  He became so popular among the people and therefore so powerful that a group of conspirators assassinated him out of fear that he would become a tyrant.

Julius Caesar is famous for his military accomplishments.  The most famous of these is the conquest of Gaul.  His military accomplishments helped to make him popular enough to gain higher and higher office in the Roman republic.  Eventually his popularity and political skills allowed him to become the undisputed ruler of Rome until he was assassinated.

thedemon | Student

Julius Caesar was probably the most famous leader of Ancient Rome.  He was an important military and political leader in the last century BCE.  He was assassinated by a group of conspirators who feared that he was becoming too powerful and that he would become a tyrant.

Caesar became famous as a military leader.  He is most famous for his conquest of what was then called Gaul and is now mostly France and Belgium.  This greatly increased the size of the Roman Empire.  Caesar’s military successes made him very popular.  This helped him to gain political power.  He used his political skills and his popularity to gain more and more political power until he was seen by many as a danger that needed to be removed.

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