Who was Jesus actually, about the human being he was in real life?

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We can't completely isolate the human aspect from the divine aspect. Jesus, as a result of the human culture in the time and place where he lived on Earth, was the son of a carpenter which means he learned woodworking from Joseph, his human father figure. Jesus, as the first son of Jewish parents, was a Jew and was dedicated to God in the Temple as were all first-born sons. He lived in close contact with agriculture, both of crops and of livestock, and fishing because those were major occupations of the people in the area at that time.

As an adult, he became a spokesperson for radical change, demonstrating in word and action different ways of relating to foreigners, women, children, and others who were outcasts or second-class citizens in his society. He spoke out against religious and political leaders whose practices he denounced as being corrupt and against the will of God. He was condemned to death through a farcical trial before the puppets of the Roman Empire and crucifiedby Romans, a common and particularly heinous form of torture.

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Jesus was God in the flesh

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