Who was Jeff Kelly and what did he contribute to music?

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Jeff Kelly is a song writer, guitarist and singer who fell in love with the Beatles when he was a schoolboy and decided after college that he wanted to be a musician and, as a result, has spent his life writing and recording--often on home-equipment--music, sometimes alone and sometime with fellow musicians, especially friend Joe Ross. Together in 1983 they began the band called Green Pajamas. What Kelly contributed to music is a little more difficult to say because he works within a very narrow genre and has a very limited (though enthusiastic) following. One might say that one contribution to music was the tangible inspiration for others that Kelly and Green Pajama provide by demonstrating that small scale efforts in the musical arts (or, presumably, other arts) counts and can build satisfaction and success.

Jeff Kelly is a native and president resident of Seattle, Washington, where he lived when his elder sister was immersing herself in the sounds of the rock and roll sensation from...

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