Who was Jean Paul Marat during the French Revolution ? what was so significant about him?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jean Paul Marat was a scientist and a journalist who'd been popular with the aristocracy as a doctor and examiner but then he threw in his lot with the revolution just before the people rose up and began to be one of the most extreme voices on the part of the revolutionaries.

He began to report on the assemblies and their rumblings and even reached out to compose commentaries on the English constitution and other political ideas under consideration by the revolutionaries.

He continued to attack almost anyone who gained power and remained a radical voice for the people, often finding himself in such danger because of his outspoken nature that he would go into hiding for extended periods of time to avoid attacks on his person.

He was eventually killed by an assassin as he was taking a bath, an agent for the Girondins, one of the families that Marat had attacked in his writings.