Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Who was Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations? What kind of work did he do?

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Herbert Pocket is the son of Matthew Pocket, who is the cousin of Miss Havisham. Perhaps exclusively, the Pocket family does not seem to lust after Miss Havisham's fortune. Herbert puts a great emphasis on being a gentleman, and his father even tutors many young boys in the practice of being gentlemanly. Upon their very first encounter, Herbert challenges Pip to a fistfight in which there are several rules. Later, Herbert becomes Pip's best friend when they meet in London.

As he is young, Herbert is in no particular line of work; however, he dreams of becoming a merchant and making a name for himself in the world of capitalism. He often speaks fondly of how thrilling the game of gaining and employing capital must be. Though he never strikes it rich, he does find a satisfying career in a shipping company by the end of the story.

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