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Gloria is Eddie’s aunt in Buried Onions. She and his mother arrive at his door, and when he pretends not to be home, they use the spare key to enter.

Aunt Gloria and Mom look for coffee, but Eddie has nothing in his cupboards. While he eats a burrito his mother brings him, Aunt Gloria attempts to convince Eddie that he needs a girlfriend. She wants him to call Norma Rodriguez, a girl who had a baby during high school, but Eddie says he is not interested. The two women continue to push him despite his explanation that he can barely survive on his own.

When Eddie mocks religion by placing a wafer on his tongue, his mother scolds him and says that God will punish him. Eddie feels he is already being punished, but his mother counters that he does not know what hell is. Her comments prompt Gloria to bring up Jesus’s mother, who is mourning the loss of her son. Gloria wants Eddie to realize how dangerous his situation is: “All you boys are going to kill each other!” Eddie is not convinced. Gloria remembers Jesus as a mischievous little boy. Her comments help to characterize an innocent side of Jesus, who was killed, and to further the theme that violence begets violence in a never-ending cycle.

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