Who was the founder of Jainism?

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It is generally believed that there was no one single person who founded Jainism. Rather, the belief is that a host of "Tirthankaras"or teachers, who enlighten a path for others, have contributed in total to this belief system. Those who ascribe to Jainism do not consider one person as being the founder at some defined point in history. Therefore, Jainism has developed by way of many who have added to the knowledge and traditions that are part of this religion.

Parshvanatha, also called Parshva, is considered one of the earliest thinkers of Jainism. Howver,Vardhamān is also considered as a founder of this religion.

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rishabha may be the the probable answer . but jain lit. nowhere mentions his his name as founder but as he is known first Tirthankar he may the answer .

tirthankar refer one who discovers dharma and preaches it to jain community .

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Rishabha is founder of jainism you can so so but now days people don't think that anyome founded it.


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