Who was the first familiar person Victor saw after the completion of his "project"? For what reasons did this person travel to Ingolstadt?How did this person spend the first winter in Ingolstadt?

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first familiar person Victor saw was his best friend, Henry Clerval. After fleeing his creation, Victor wanders the streets of Ingolstadt at night. There, he runs into Henry, who has come from Geneva to find him. Henry and the Frankenstein family haven’t heard from Victor in months and they are very concerned about him. Victor is overjoyed to see his friend; for a moment he is able to forget his troubles. But when they return to Victor’s house, Victor begins ranting about his creation and Henry thinks his friend is ill with a fever. Victor becomes delirious and Henry takes care of him for several months. The creature disappears, and Victor never reveals his secret to Henry in a form that does not resemble delirium.

Henry spends the winter acquainting himself with Victor's professors and colleagues. They all praise him highly, which makes Victor very uncomfortable, considering his secret. While he is happy that Henry is settling in, he doesn't want anyone coming close to his truth.

timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Victor, who was in pretty sad shape after first "meeting" his creation, ran into the street.  He ran into his friend, Henry Clerval, who had come to Ingolstadt to check into Victor's health and well-being.  It's ironic that they should meet in the street, but very necessary for the plot.  Victor falls into a fevor/delerium when they get back to his house.  This coincidence is critical for the plot.  If no one had found Victor, he may have wandered the streets until he died, or he may have been "captured" by the police and put into their equivalent of a mental hospital ... after all, where would you put someone who claimed to have made a human being out of spare parts that he stole from wherever he could get them? 

Henry spends the winter nursing Victor back to health.  Of course, the other irony is that, after nursing Victor back to health, he will later lose his own life because of his friendship with Victor.

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