Who was the first character in the story Lord of the Flies?  

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The opening paragraph in Lord of the Flies refers to

the boy with fair hair lowered himself down...

He starts a conversation, moments later with another boy

shorter than the fair boy and very fat.

These characters, we later learn, are Ralph and Piggy. They then discuss the probability of there being other survivors:

 I expect there's a lot more of us scattered about

as'the fat boy' Piggy states. eNotes has study guides to assist you understand the novel and other questions and answers which will provide information.

Ralph and Piggy begin to establish their relationship and Ralph shows his excitement at the discovery of the island. We learn something of both boys - Piggy's asthma and his references to his'auntie'  and  we learn that Ralph's father is a commander in the Navy; things that may seem incongrous (unimportant) at this stage but which will be instrumental in understanding the leadership and progression of the novel.



shifie | Student

Ralph was the first character introduced in the novel described as 'the boy with fair hair' with Piggy described as 'the fat boy' following behind him.

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