Who was the first captain of the Pakistani cricket team?

iklan100 | Student

I am sorry this isnt correct information, above.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar or AH Kardar was indeed the first Pakistani Test cricket captain but the 1952/53 Indian series wasnt the first he captained, although this is a common misconception, even repeated on Wikipedia and other encyclopedias online. This is because Pakistan formally only received 'Test' status in July 1952.

However, Pakistan had already played international cricket before this time and Muhammad Saeed captained the team which played the West Indies in November 1948, the first ever tour of Pakistan by an international side.

In 1949, Pakistan made its first tour abroad to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) also under Saeed's captaincy, and played and won both its matches in this fixture.

Thus, if we consider who the first ever captain of the Pakistan team was , generally, it would be Muhammad Saeed, prior to 1951; and AH Kardar the first test captain from 1952-53.