Who was at fault for the Boston massacre?

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There are several groups at fault for the Boston Massacre. Each group shared in the responsibility for what happened on the night of March 5, 1770.

The British government was at fault for sending more soldiers to Boston. They should have known how much the colonists resented their presence in the colony. Yet the British continued to send soldiers there. They also sent very young, inexperienced, and brash soldiers to Boston. The soldiers didn’t have the life experience and knowledge to de-escalate a tense situation. The British could have sent more experienced soldiers to such a volatile area.

The soldiers were at fault also. They acted very brashly and rudely toward the colonists. They acted like this because they had the weapons to back them up if needed. They also were young and cocky and may not have realized how they were inflaming a very tense situation.

The colonists were also at fault. They acted rudely toward the soldiers. They pressed closer to the Custom’s House the British were guarding. They were throwing things at the soldiers. They should not have been surprised that the soldiers responded to the threat they presented. Blame goes to many groups for the Boston Massacre.