Who was Faber in "Fahrenheit 451"?

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As was mentioned in the previous post, Faber is a former English professor who has an affinity for literature and offers Montag support throughout the story. Whenever Montag begins his search for knowledge, he enlists the help of Faber to teach him how to comprehend the texts that he is reading. When Montag visits Faber's home, Faber is initially reluctant to help Montag. Faber considers himself a coward, who secretly opposes the authoritative government from the comforts of his home. Montag successfully gains Faber's trust, and he agrees to help Montag challenge the government. Faber gives Montag insight into the value of literature and provides him with a two-way communication device. Faber speaks to Montag via the green bullet and offers him support when he has a philosophical discussion with Captain Beatty. After Montag kills Captain Beatty, he flees to Faber's home. Faber provides Montag with a change of clothes and gives him directions to escape from the city. Faber's words of encouragement and continual support allow Montag to become enlightened in his pursuit of knowledge.

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Ironically Faber in this novel is named after a famous publisher, perhaps to reflect the side that Faber is on - well and truly against Captain Beatty and the book burners. He is a former English professor with a great knowledge and love for literature, who comes into contact with Guy Montag and tries to educate him and steer him into supporting his cause. In this novel Faber and Captain Beatty both compete for Guy Montag - it is as if they are fighting for his soul. Through an electronic device that Faber has invented he is able to stay in contact with Montag permanently, and hear everything that Montag hears.

Interestingly, it is clear that Faber attempts to manipulate Montag just as much as Beatty does. He is open about his own cowardice and failure to act, preferring to stay safe inside his house and get Montag to do the actions he has not had the courage to do himself. Faber's character is a bit of an enigma, like Beatty's: at times he tries to help Montag think for himself yet at other times he wants to dominate him. Likewise he can be heroic at moments and other times extremely cowardly.

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