who was faber  

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Faber was a retired English professor who Montag contacted after the experience of watching a woman kill herself by burning. He had previously met him in a park the year before when he was walking home. Faber gave him his information if Montag decided he wanted to turn him in for reading books or if felt that he needed to contact him. Montag found his card after reading books with Millie and decided to contact Faber. 

Montag went to Faber's home wanting to learn the deeper meaning that was present within the books. Faber, at first, did not want any part of this because he was scared. Montag bullied him into helping him create duplicates of the books by beginning to rip pages out of the Bible. Faber then agreed that he would contact an old friend who used to operate a printing press to make duplicate copies of books before they were destroyed.