Who is Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984?

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Emmanuel Goldstein is the figurehead of Big Brother's opposition and the Party's most prominent enemy. Emmanuel Goldstein's image and identity are used to spread hysteria throughout Oceania's dystopian society and conjure fear in the hearts of its citizens. During the daily Two Minutes Hate ritual, Goldstein's image is projected on massive screens as he shouts anti-government rhetoric at the Party members, who become infuriated and vent their pent-up anger at the screen. In addition to being used to spread hysteria, Emmanuel Goldstein also acts as a scapegoat. The Party blames virtually everything on Goldstein's attempts to destroy their nation and uses his likeness to divert the population's attention.

Goldstein is also the leader of the secret organization dedicated to the demise of Big Brother known as the Brotherhood. Goldstein is not only the leader of this group but is also the author of The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, which elaborates on the Party's methods of controlling the population. Despite being such a prominent figure, Emmanuel Goldstein's existence is not confirmed, and he could very well be a fabricated character created by the Party to help control the population.

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Emmanuel Goldstein is described as the greatest enemy of the state. Winston at first thinks he is an artificial figure, trotted out as a hate figure.  His story, according to the Party, is that he was himself a Party member who turned apostate, and is, by 1984, fighting to overthrow the Party from the outside. Goldstein occupies the starring role in the Two Minutes of Hate films that are broadcast regularly on the telescreens. Winston become persuaded of Goldstein's authenticity, and, after reading his book entitled "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism." Part of O'Brien's ruse to entrap Winston is his apparent espousal of Goldstein's ideas.

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