In the Old Testament, who was Ehud?

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The Old Testament Book of Judges shows the figure of Ehud ben-Gera as a man who followed the word of God and liberated the Hebrew from Moabite Rule.

According to the verse, Ehud was chosen by God to assassinate King Eglon of Moab, who had been subjugating the Hebrews as punishment for their sins. Ehud forged a double-edged sword, hidden on his person, and accompanied the tribute to Eglon. He claimed to have a secret message for Eglon's ears only. Once alone, he stabbed Eglon, who was so fat that the sword vanished in his body. Ehud fled and raised Hebrew troops, who conquered Moab and brought peace to the region.

The story of Ehud shows the classic pattern of Old Testament stories; the Hebrews sin, God punishes them, they repent, and a divine or mortal figure comes to deliver them from torment. Ehud may not have existed as such; modern interpretations sometimes show the story as a moralistic fable rather than a literal account.

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