The Constitutional Convention

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Who was the driving force behind the Constitutional Convention?

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The most likely answer to this question is that James Madison, who would go on to become the 4th president of the United States, was the driving force behind the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  Madison is typically named as the “father of the Constitution” because of the role that he played in the convention.

James Madison is credited as the person who did the most to set the agenda for the Constitutional Convention.  Before the convention met, he did a great deal of studying to try to determine the best form of government.  While he was waiting in Philadelphia for the convention to begin, he put together a plan that would drive the convention’s agenda.  This plan came to be known as the Virginia Plan and was the basic framework that the delegates followed when creating the Constitution.  For  these reasons, Madison is known as the father of the Constitution and is the most likely answer to this question.

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