Who was Donald Buick, in Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz?

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It's Donald Burch, not Donald Buick. He's a boy in Jean's class (at school in America) who Jean loves and thinks is nice.

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Donald Burch, not Donald Buick, is a boy in Jean's class, in her new American school, who she thinks she loves.

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HOMESICK: MY OWN STORY is both a novel and an autobiography.  Jean Fritz says, "I have to call this book fiction, but it does not feel like fiction to me.  It is my story..."  The book tells the story of the two years from 1925 to 1927.  Jean Fritz felt she lived on the wrong side of the world -- in China, where there was turmoil as the Nationalist Party and Communists tried to get rid of the powerful warlords and the foreigners.  She longed to live in America where she could rollerskate and feed her grandmother's chickens.  Instead she went to a British school where she had to sing "God Save the King."

The book comes alive through the anecdotes of Jean's childhood.  Although she was homesick for America, her love for China and for its unusual way of life is obvious throughout the book