Who was dictator of Germany after World War I?

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Immediately after World War I ended, Germany didn’t have a dictator. Germany created a republic as their form of government. It was called the Weimar Republic. Germany elected its leaders.

Unfortunately, the Versailles Treaty was so harsh on Germany it doomed the Weimar Republic to fail. The Versailles Treaty imposed very heavy reparations on Germany. Germany had to pay the Allies $33 billion. The heavy reparations help to create big financial issues in Germany. Germany’s economy eventually collapsed leading to the failure of the Weimar Republic.

As the Weimar Republic failed, this opened the door for Germany to return to a government led to by a strong leader. The Nazi Party grew to power, and Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany in 1933.

While Germany had a republic government right after World War I ended, it eventually turned to a dictatorship led by Adolf Hitler in 1933.

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