Who was Cyrus?

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I assume that you are referring to Cyrus II of Persia (600? B.C.-530 B.C.), aka Cyrus the Great. As the founder of the Persian Empire, he created the largest empire the world had ever known. He subdued all of the lands of the Near East and eventually ruled parts of Asia and Europe, incorporating the Median, Lydian and Neo-Babylonian Empires into one. His reign of approximately 30 years was relatively short, and his goal of conquering Egypt died with him when he was killed in battle in 530 B.C. His son, Cambyses II, later extended the empire when he gained control of Egypt, Nubia and Cyrenaica. He was particularly admired by those of the Jewish faith, who dubbed him the "annointed of the Lord." Cyrus did not substantially alter the lands that he captured, instead allowing the people there to continue their customs and religions. In present-day Iran, as it was in ancient Persia, Cyrus is referred to as "The Father." His achievements are regarded as greater than even those of Alexander the Great by many historians.

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