Who was Brother Mance? What did Richard gain from his job with him?

mkcapen1 | Student

Richard looks for work and obtains a job  working with a man called Brother Mance.  He was a next-door neighbor who had been a janitor.  He had decided to change his profession and turned to selling insurance.   However, he did not have literacy skills.  Richard was hired to travel with him around the delta plantation area for $5 a week.

Richard had never really thought much about having been born on a plantation, but he starts thinking about it after being on them.  He saw ignorant children who had never been exposed to a book and could not read.  The poor black families would gawk at Richard as he filled out their insurance applications.

Richard went home with a good amount of money that just ended going for household expenses.  Richard was getting ready to go into the seventh grade and Brother Mance died that winter.   Richard had gained money from his job and he had gained an understanding of how important it was to be able to want more books to read and how lucky he was that he and the opportunity to grow up literate.

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