In the play Othello, who is Brabantio, and why did Iago and Roderigo awaken him in the middle of the night ?

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Brabantio is the fair maiden, Desdemona's, father. He is a Venetian senator and is depicted as an overprotective and possessive parent who has been consistently turning away the many suitors who have come to woo his daughter. An example of this is illustrated in Act 1 scene 1 on the occasion of Roderigo and Iago's untimely visit to his home. He tells Roderigo:

I have charged thee not to haunt about my doors:
In honest plainness thou hast heard me say
My daughter is not for thee

Othello, the play's protagonist, is a general in the Venetian army and has been a regular guest in Brabantio's house. The senator had been entertained by Othello's dramatic tales about his life. During these conversations, Desdemona had been eavesdropping and was enthralled by Othello's storytelling to such an extent, that she requested he relate his woeful and dramatic life story privately to her. This Othello did and the two eventually fell in love and decided to elope.

It is important to note that Othello is much...

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