Who was Benjamin Franklin and what did he do?

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samson98 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Benjamin Franklin was one of The United States' most important Founding Fathers, as well as one of the foremost early American inventors. Franklin helped inspire support for the American Revolution, and he helped govern the American colonies during their fight against Great Britain. Specifically, Franklin served as a member of the Second Continental Congress (the political body which governed the unified colonies throughout the Revolution and until the Articles of Confederation) and helped Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence (he also signed the Declaration). He also served as an American ambassador to France; he helped convince the French they should give the Americans support during the Revolution.

Franklin was also a gifted scientist and inventor. He is best known for his research into electricity (most famously his kite and key experiment), but he also invented a number of useful items, including: bifocals, swim fins, and the Franklin Stove.

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