Who was Batterton Dobyns in Spoon River Anthology?

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Batterton Dobyns is a hardworking man who dies due to overwork and anxiety. He's a conscientious man; we know this because he tells us how he always kept up the payments for a life insurance policy. He also owns some land in Canada and has a bit of money in the bank.

In his final fit of delirium, just before he passes away, Batterton Dobyns has a vision in which he sees his widow living the high life. Sitting by a window overlooking the sea, Dobyns's widow is the picture of contentment, all plump and rested, though getting on in years. (She has white hair.) She regally summons a waiter and asks for another slice of roast beef, giving him a nickel as a tip. One gets the impression that Dobyns's widow is enjoying life without her late husband, living off his money and leading a lavish lifestyle. Her whole life just seems like an endless holiday, full of

Resting and bathing and sitting an hour
Or more at the table over soup and meats
And delicate sweets and coffee.
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