Legends of the Fall Questions and Answers
by Jim Harrison

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Who was Asgaard? What was his nationality and where was he from?

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To their considerable annoyance, Tristan and his grandfather have found out that their schooner is scheduled to be seized by the British authorities once it docks at Falmouth. But for now they will be allowed to keep the ship so long as they agree to cooperate with the British. Under the circumstances, Tristan and his grandfather have no choice but to do so.

Before setting sail for Falmouth, Tristan and his grandfather load supplies onto their schooner with a new first mate, a man called Asgaard. Asgaard is a Dane who came down from San Francisco. With him are three experienced Cuban deckhands, the kind of crewmates Tristan and his grandfather will need on the long, perilous voyage ahead.

Asgaard is himself a very experienced mariner. But he doesn't intend being on the high seas for the rest of his life. His ultimate dream is to buy himself a small farm on the coast of his native Denmark. That's why, despite his initial reluctance, he agrees to take his share of the ship's profits from taking a large consignment of opium to San Francisco. Asgaard has already taken his share of the profits from selling ivory and Tristan tells him that a similar distribution of the proceeds will be made with whatever they can get for their illicit cargo of drugs.

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