Who was Anne Frank attracted to in kindergarten?  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anne was attracted to two boys, Appy and Peter Schiff. 

Anne tells her diary the story of her first love.  She met Appy when she was in kindergarten through her good friend Sally.  Appy was more interesting than Sally, but he was not interested in Anne.  Then she met Peter Schiff, who returned her affections. 

One of Sally's cousins was a good-looking, slender, dark-haired boy named Appy, who later turned out to look like a movie idol .... For a long time we went everywhere together, but aside from that, my love was unrequited until Peter crossed my path. I had an out-and-out crush on him. He liked me too, and we were inseparable for one whole summer. (FRIDAY, ]ANUARY 7, 1944) 

It seems like Anne and Peter got along well, and this is a childhood friendship.  It is not really a romance.  They separated when he went to junior high and she was still in sixth grade.  However, Anne mentions it because now she is older and she is actually thinking about boys and love.  She is upset because Peter seemed to forget about her when he decided she was childish.

This morning I realized that nothing has changed; on the contrary, as I've grown older and more mature, my love has grown along with me. I can understand now that Peter thought I was childish, and yet it still hurts to think he'd forgotten me completely. (FRIDAY, ]ANUARY 7, 1944) 

It is interesting that Anne is coming of age at a time when she really doesn’t have many options for boys.  She is locked away in the Annex.  It makes sense that she would think of her childhood romances.  Anne is frustrated by Peter van Daan at first, but the longer she is in the Annex the more she comes to like him.

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