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The 22nd president of the United States was Grover Cleveland from the State of New York (although born in neighboring New Jersey). A reform-minded politician who emphasized integrity in government and staunchly opposed special interest groups, especially the very powerful railroads, Cleveland was also seriously lacking in leadership skills, thereby diminishing his record as chief executive. Interestingly, Grover Cleveland was not only the 22nd president, he was also the 24th president, with the presidency of Benjamin Harrison taking place in the four-year span separating his two terms in office. In addition to the separation of his two terms in office, Cleveland was also distinguished by his unmarried status when he first assumed office. He would later marry 21-year old Frances Folsom while in office, the first time a sitting president would be married.  

While Cleveland's legislative achievements were very limited, he was instrumental in gaining passage of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, a major advance in the regulatory history of the United States. The Act established a commission authorized to regulate the railroad industry, which had grown inordinately powerful, much to the consternation of every other industry, especially agriculture, dependent upon the railroads for transportation of goods. The Interstate Commerce Act remains an important symbol of the federal government's power to regulate industry and prevent the dominance of monopolies and oligopolies.

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