Who is Virgil in Seedfolks and what are his characterstic traits?

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In Seedfolks the boy called Virgil is a Haitian and is seen to be helpful. His father grows high class lettuces (gourmet standard) and the young Virgil helps him out, although we do not see the father in the book. Virgil is also the character who reports the good deeds of Miss Fleck (his third-grade schoolteacher) who has recently retired from teaching. He is also responsible for reporting the deeds of his father, crazed and driven as they are. The story shows what can be achieved through hope as a young girl plants some seeds in a barren desert of a parking lot. When the other residents see them begin to grow, it gives them hope too, and soon many people want to plant different crops. A new community is brought together and the characters develop their personalities and improve something about themselves.