Identify a hero in The Crimes of the Heart.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that the ending of the drama suggests that a hero is the concept of sisterhood.  The sisters are shown at the start of the drama as geographically separated and emotionally alienated, to a great extent, from one another.  Yet, as the revelation becomes understood that the reason why their mother killed the cat along with herself to prevent her own crippling loneliness impacting her in the afterlife, it becomes evident that the sisters need one another.  The concept of their sisterhood becomes heroic at the end of the drama as this becomes affirmed.  In a world where condemnation and pain is so evident in terms of relationships being formed, the sisters reaffirm their connection to one another.  While each of them commits crimes of the heart and due to passion, there is a constant established by the ending that their love for one another is to be the bulwark of being in a world that lacks such consistency.  It is here where the sisters and the concept of sisterhood becomes heroic in the drama, affirming the idea of emotional redemption in a world or setting of condemnation.