Who is Tybalt? What makes him a villain?  

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In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is a member of the Capulet clan, a cousin to Juliet, and the nephew of Lady Capulet. Although, without question, he's a hot-blooded and even bellicose young man, he hardly could be called a villain. He's surely as much a victim of the bloody conflict between the warring families as the eponymous lovers.

In act I, scene 5, Romeo becomes infatuated with Juliet after sneaking into a ball at the home of her family. Tybalt, greatly angered by the stealthy entry of his family's enemy, is on the verge of drawing his sword when he's stopped by Juliet's father, Capulet, who forbids violence in his home.

When they next meet on the street in act III, scene 1, Tybalt, still enraged by Romeo's transgression, challenges him to a duel, unaware that he's now married to his young cousin. For this reason, Romeo refuses the challenge, which angers his friend Mercutio , who accepts in his place. When Romeo steps in to stop the fight, Mercutio is accidentally killed. Now...

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