The Drunken Boat Questions and Answers
by Arthur Rimbaud

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Who is the translator of the poem "The Drunken Boat?"

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Arthur Rimbaud is a French poet who wrote during the Symbolist movement. His poetry has been translated by many different people. Therefore, one must examine the footnotes or translator notes regarding the exact translator. That said, "La Bateau ivre" (or "The Drunken Boat") has been translated by, at least, three different men and used by one man as a song.

In 1928, Vladimir Nabokov translated the French poem into Russian. Nabokov was a Russian novelist.

In 1962, "The Drunken Boat" was translated by Oliver Bernard. Bernard was an English poet renowned for translating Rimbaud's poetry.

In 2005, Rimbaud's poem was, again, translated. This time, the poem was translated by Wallace Fowlie (for Complete Works, Selected Letters). 

The poem was also used as a song, by Leo Ferre (a Frenchman) in 1982.

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