Who is trampled to death in the book?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rabbi Eliahou, whose son has run ahead of his ailing father, is one of many men who get run over during the death march. When Elie sees this example of selfish abandonment, he is ashamed of his own feelings. He has been angry with his father, frustrated by his father's age and weakness. Seeing this situation, however, renews his loyalty, allows Elie to overcome the frustration and fear and remain by his father's side.

dpenn2 | Student

Zalman, the "young Polish lad" (p. 81) is trampled to death in the book. He was running with Eliezer at the start of the death march, but "was suddenly seized with a cramp in the stomach" (p. 82). Eliezer tries to encourage him to continue on, however, he falls to ground in pain and is trampled to death by the other prisoners running behind them.