Who is Trabb's Boy in the novel Great Expectations?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Trabb's Boy is an irresponsible, irreverent young boy who works for the tailor named Trabb who has furnished the now well-to-do Pip with some of his new clothes. When Pip returns to his hometown in Chapter 30 most of the local people are amazed at the way he has been transformed in appearance and manners. Pip is pleased with himself, but Trabb's Boy remembers him when he was nothing but an orphan living on the charity of his sister and her husband Joe. Trabb's Boy, in a famous scene from the novel, pretends to be astonished and terrified by Pip's grand manner and gaudy clothing. The hateful boy goes clear around the block several times in order to be able to ecounter Pip over and over again and to put on the same act, making everyone laugh at the humiliated Pip, who can do nothing but pretend not to notice his tormentor. Pip's encounter with Trabb's Boy only serves to remind him of what a snob and fop he has become. Late in the novel Trabb's Boy appears again when he helps rescue Pip from Orlick, who is holding him captive and intends to kill him.

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