Pick the three most important characters in The Pearl and say why each is vital to the story and its moral.

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The three most important characters in the book "The Pearl" are Kino, Juana, and the doctor.

Kino is happy in his life with his dutiful wife.  One day his child is stung by a scorpion.  He rushes him to the doctor only to be lied to and told he was not in to treat the child.  Kino goes home and his wife prays to find a pearl that would help him pay to have his son healed.

“The doctor was of a race which nearly four hundred years had beaten, despised, and robbed Kino’s race, and frightened it too, so that the indigene came humbly to the door.”(9)

Juana is a devoted wife and mother.  She loves her husband and child and cares well for both of them.  She has little but has much in her happiness with her family.  When Kino finds the pearl she is concerned but happy that the doctor will be able to treat her son.  She is easily manipulated by the doctor telling her hat although her son may seem to have healed, other bad things could still happen to him because of the scorpion bite.

The doctor represents the injustice and greed of humanity.  He refuses to see or treat Kino's son because he is a poor Indian's child.  However, when he hears that Kino has a valuable pearl greed strikes him.  He goes to treat the child, manipulates the mother with his lies and tries to get Kino to let him sell the pearl for him.  His attitude and behavior towards the Indian couple changes from contempt to fake acting as if he respects and admires them.

1st response: “Have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for “little Indians?” I am a doctor not a veterinary.”(11)

After the pearl response: “The doctor said,” I was not in this morning. But now, first chance, I have come to see the baby.”(30)


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