Who are the three most important characters in Animal Farm?

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One could argue that Napoleon, Squealer, and Boxer are the most important characters in the novella. Napoleon is the fierce Berkshire boar, who ends up usurping power after he chases Snowball off the farm. Napoleon allegorically represents the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and tyrannically rules Animal Farm. Napoleon oppresses the other animals on the farm, reaps the benefits of being an autocratic leader, and even holds public executions to cement his power. His actions drive the plot of the story and represent Stalin's tyrannical rule.

Squealer is a silver-tongued pig, who acts as Napoleon's propaganda machine by spreading lies and manipulating the animals into accepting Napoleon's political agenda. Squealer is an articulate, intelligent pig, who is capable of turning "black into white." Squealer not only defends all of Napoleon's decisions but also alters the commandments so that they correspond to Napoleon's actions.

Boxer is the most sympathetic character in the novella and allegorically...

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