Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

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Who are three characters in Frankenstein who exhibit despondency?

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In Frankenstein, the monster is certainly the most despondent of Shelley’s characters. He is labelled by others as a "degenerate wretch," an evil subhuman being or passive creature devoid of humanity. He is initially depicted as a creature with a decaying frame and devilish aspect. In effect, he becomes a base "thing" and longs to be seen as a "subject."

He is also a monster goaded into villainy by those who have spurned his plea for respect. It is the barbarity of man that perverts his good character. He confesses:

I am an unfortunate and deserted creature, I look around and I have no relation or friend upon earth.... I am an outcast in the world forever. (volume 2, chapter 15)

He is denied relationship with humans, and we, as readers, pity him profusely. He occupies a tortuous emotional world and struggles with the abandonment imposed on him by his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Thus, he attempts to combat his despondency by impeding on the peace of the man who has rejected him.

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