Who are these characters in The Napoleon of Notting Hill?Auberon Quinn Juan del Fuego Mr. Buck Adam Wayne Mr. Barker Mr. Turnbull

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Augeron Quinn is the central character in The Napoleon of Notthing Hill. He lives in fictional late-twentieth-century Britain, and is chosen by lot to be the King of England. Quinn is a man with a sense of humor in a world that is highly ordered and very grave. In his high post, he brings back the splendor of medieval times, and, masquerading as a reporter, dies at the battle of Notting Hill.

Juan del Fuego is the former President of Nicaragua, which has recently been conquered. He dresses in a military uniform decorated with many insignia, and meets Quinn and his friends while they are out walking. Del Fuego is a saddened man who still believes in individual rights and diversity, and, after dining and talking with his new acquaintances about the oppressive state of the new world, he commits suicide.

Mr. Buck is a linen draper who is made provost of North Kensington by Auberon Quinn. He goes to war with the provost of Notting Hill about a large highway which is to be built through that town.

Adam Wayne is the provost of Notting Hill. As a child, he unwittingly provided the inspiration to Auberon Quinn to revive the pageantry of medieval times. Wayne loves the quaint, narrow streets of Notting Hill, and when a large highway is to be built in his domain, goes to war to prevent it. He dies in the battle of Notting Hill.

Barker is a friend of Auberon Quinn. He thinks that Quinn, with his light humor and supple mind, is a dangerous man, and objects when he is chosen to be King.

Mr. Turnbull runs a toy shop. He helps Adam Wayne plan his stragegy in defending the simple way of life at Notting Hill by providing him with toy soldiers and a fort to use as models in outlining his military operations.

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