Who is Theodore and how is he associated with Lorenzo in The Monk by Matthew Gregory Lewis?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this famous gothic novel Theodore is the servant of Raymond, the man who falls in love with Agnes, who is the sister of Lorenzo. This is what puts Lorenzo and Theodore in contact with each other, as Lorenzo wants to discern whether Raymond's intentions are honourable or not. Later on, in Chapter Eight, when Raymond is lying on his bed, sick and in mortal danger of dying, it is Theodore, his faithful servant, who tends to him and looks after him, showing impressive and touching devotion:

Don Raymond’s malady seemed to gain ground. Lorenzo was constantly at his bedside, and treated him with a tenderness truly fraternal. Both the cause and effects of the disorder were highly afflicting to the Brother of Agnes: yet Theodore’s grief was scarcely less sincere. That amiable Boy quitted not his Master for a moment, and put every means in practice to console and alleviate his sufferings.

Just as Lorenzo does everything he can to tend to Raymond's illness, it is Theodore who shows his value as a servant through the loyalty and care he expresses towards his master. Theodore is therefore an important character through the role he performs as the servant of Raymond, a major character in this novel, and how he performs this role to the best of his ability.