Who is Thacia and what is her personality in the book The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare?

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Thacia is Malthace, the twin sister of Joel. Daniel met the two when they were out on a forbidden trip to the mountains for a holiday. They wanted to see the site of a great Biblical battle. Daniel, who was hiding in the mountains with Rosh and his band, was intrigued to see two people his own age so far from the village. So, he reveals himself to them and a lasting friendship is formed. Malthace is a lively girl, much too forward for a Jewish girl of that time period. She is daring, taking her head scarf offwhen she is in the mountains and swearing the vow to assist Joel and Daniel is ridding the land of Romans. She even dresses as a boy and passes as her brother Joel so that he can get away to do a mission. She is more moderate in her beliefs than Daniel and Joel, preferring to wait for God's help instead of a violent uprising. She is a loving girl who helps Daniel's sister Leah return from her demon-plagued mental issues. She is also a believer, trusting in the words and philosophy of Jesus.
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As was mentioned in the previous post, Thacia is Joel's twin sister and Daniel's love interest throughout the novel. Throughout the story, Thacia is a strong-willed female living in a male-dominated society. She is courageous, daring, and intelligent. Thacia helps Daniel when he is injured by Roman soldiers, befriends Leah, and comes up with the plan for Joel to learn the names of the rich citizens attending the banquet. Thacia also awaits the return of the messiah, but disagrees with Daniel and Joel's decision to violently rise against the Romans. She exercises patience and demonstrates her sympathy for others throughout the novel. Thacia also correctly interprets the meaning of the bronze bow from the Song of David and believes that only love can bend the bow. Thacia ends up falling in love with Daniel and saves him from a life of violence and hate. Thacia's courage, determination, and sympathy make her a strong female protagonist throughout the novel. 

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