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While different people can construct the importance of ten figures in Hillenbrand's work, I think that some basics can establish a path to it. Louie is the protagonist, so he would be considered a main character. In the early part of Louie's narrative, I think that his mother and father can also be considered main characters.  Pete is someone I would consider a main character, as he is the older brother and someone who is instrumental in getting Louie involved in running.  From these four, I would pivot to Louie's time in the war with Mac and Phil being another two characters who are important as they help share Louie's painful tale of survival.  The antithesis of this solidarity and the most notable agent of pure malevolence in the novel would have to be Corporal Mutsuhiro Watanabe.  He would have to be considered a main character because of the savage intensity with which he inflicts pain and suffering on Louie.  Coming back to America introduces another critical character of Cynthia Applewhite, whom Louie marries, and with this another character of their child, Cissy.  The tenth character who occupies importance would have to be the Reverend Billy Graham, whose sermon inspires Louie to give up alcoholism and self- destruction and helps him find the path back to redemption and becoming "unbroken."

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