Who are the ten characters invited to Indian Island? What crimes are they are accused of?

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The guests invited to Indian Island are:

1. Justice Lawrence Wargrave -Justice Wargrave was known for for giving out the death penalty pretty freely.  He was accused of unfairly convincing a jury to convict Edward Seton of murder when there was limited evidence.

2. Vera Claythorne -She was the former governess to Cyril Hamilton.  She was responsible for allowing him to swim out to sea and drown because she hoped that his Uncle Hugo Hamilton would marry her after he inherited Cyril's fortune.

3. Phillip Lombard -Lomard stole food from an African tribe, causing them to starve to death.

4. Emily Brent - Brent was a very strict religious woman who dismissed her maid, Beatrice Taylor, because she was pregnant and unmarried.  Because of this, Beatrice committed suicide by throwing herself into the river.

5. General John MacArthur - MacArthur was a jealous husband.  He assigned a suicide mission to his wife's lover, Arthur Richmond.

6. Dr. Edward Armstrong -Armstrong was a surgeon who operated while intoxicated, causing the death of Louisa Clees.

7. Anthony Marston - Marston like to drive fast.  He ran over and killed two children

8. William Blore - Blore was a former police inspector, turned private detective.  After being bribed, he was responsible for James Lander being sentenced to life in prison even though he was an innocent man.

9. Ethel Rogers - Helped her husband, Thomas, kill her employer, Jennifer Brady, by not giving her the medication she needed so that they could inherit money

10. Thomas Rogers - An overbearing man who dominated his wife, Ethel, and caused Jennifer Brady to succomb to heart failure by withholding her medication.


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