Who are the ten characters invited to Indian Island? What crimes are they are accused of?

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There are eight characters who are invited to the mansion that exists on Indian Island. Additionally, the story includes the housekeeping couple who caretake the property. The eight characters are invited to Indian Island are Phillip Lombard, Justice Lawrence Wargrave, Emily Brent, Anthony Marston, General John McArthur, William Blore, Dr. Edward Armstrong, and Vera Claythorne. Ethel Rogers and Thomas Rogers are the couple who are the housekeepers of the isolated mansion.

Ethel Rogers and Thomas Rogers are accused of murdering their elderly employer, Jennifer Brady, by intentionally withholding her medicine that she needed to survive.

The Rogers hoped to steal Brady's immense wealth after her death.

Phillip Lombard readily admits to willingly leaving 21 men from an East African village to starve to death after he hoarded all the food for himself and his friend.

Justice Lawrence Wargrave is a typical judge who enjoys enacting punishment against others, specifically the death sentence. He is...

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