Who tells the principal about Nick's prank in Frindle?

In Frindle, Mrs. Granger, Nick's teacher, tells the principal about his prank.

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In chapter 8 of Andrew Clements's Frindle, Nick decides that there is safety in numbers. He believes that if everyone in the fifth grade asks his teacher, Mrs. Granger, for a "frindle," which is Nick's new word for a pen, she will scarcely be able to punish all of them. However, Nick turns out to be wrong on this point. Mrs. Granger escalates the conflict between them by keeping eighty students back after school.

In order to keep so many students after school, Mrs. Granger has to enlist the help and approval of the principal, Mrs. Chatham, which means telling her about Nick's prank. The next day, they have to keep over two hundred students after school for the same reason.

Mrs. Chatham appears to be a highly conventional and authoritarian figure who does not share Mrs. Granger's intellectual interest in debating the meaning of words. She is an administrator rather than a teacher and is concerned about conflict with and complaints from parents, particularly if this leads to problems with her superiors. Her fears are realized when the superintendent and the school board become involved at the end of the chapter, and she is forced to visit Nick's family in an attempt to resolve the matter.

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