Who takes Paul’s glasses from him and cleans the mud off in Tangerine?

Expert Answers

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Paul acts heroically when a giant sinkhole opens up beneath his school. Heedless of his own safety, he forms a line with Joey and some other eighth-graders, who help pull kids out of the hole. With the entire structure of the school building quickly falling around them, Paul and the others are able to rescue the last kids from the hole just in the nick of time.

Paul has displayed truly remarkable bravery in rescuing the kids. But in the process, he's managed to get mud caked all over his glasses. He tries to wipe off the mud, but Gino grabs Paul's glasses and does it for him. It's telling that this is the only mention of Paul's glasses in this particular episode. The implication is that Paul isn't defined by his disability and can do many of the things that people without disabilities can do.

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