Who takes most of the credit for Miss Havisham's gift?  Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:-Chapters 12-13

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Chapter XIII of Great Expectationsfinds Pip apprenticed to Joe Gargery in the presence of Miss Havisham.  Embarrassed by Joe's awkward behavior, Pip is further humiliated by Estella's mocking laughter. When Pip hands her the indenture papers, Miss Havisham says that Pip has earned a premium of twenty-five guineas; she hands the money to Pip, telling him to pass it to Joe Gargery.

But, after Joe arrives home, he hands over the money to Mrs. Joem who with greed in her heart does not inquire about anything but mocks Joe for returning to such poor society as hers.  At this act, Pumblechook, "the basest of swindlers," counts the money and tells Mrs. Joe,

It's five-and-twenty pound, Mum,” echoed that basest of swindlers, Pumblechook, rising to shake hands with her; “and it's no more than your merits (as I said when my opinion was asked), and I wish you joy of the money!”

These remarks and those of Joe give cause to Pip's feeling of shame inthe Gargery household.  After this day, Pip would feel more ashamed how ignorance.

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After Pip gets back from Miss Havisham's Uncle Pumblechook takes most of the credit for the gift given by Miss H.

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Uncle Pumblechook takes most of the credit. Furthermore, Mrs. Joe is the one who takes the money.