Who are the suspects in the murder of Sir Charles Baskerville ?

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle offers a few red herrings to obscure the identity of the murderer of Charles Baskerville and build the novel's suspense.

A man named Selden, a murderer who has escaped from prison, is presumed to be in the area of Baskerville Hall. He is the brother of Mrs. Barrymore.

Mr. Barrymore, the butler at Baskerville Hall, is bearded and thus resembles the man that follows Sir Henry Baskerville to his hotel after Baskerville visits Holmes in London. He is also discovered to be helping Selden.

Laura Lyons is a woman who had approached Sir Charles for money to finance her divorce.

The Stapletons are a brother and sister living in the area. Holmes believes that Mr. Stapleton could secretly be a Baskerville because he resembles a portrait of Hugo...

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