Who survived the Great Depression and how did they do so?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are asking about human beings surviving the Depression, the majority of people did literally survive.  That is, there were not very many people who actually died because of the Great Depression.  In general, people survived by "tightening their belts" and making do with less than they had before.  There are many examples of people planting gardens to get more food or substituting cheaper ingredients into foods to save money.  Women moved more towards making things for their families instead of buying them.  These sorts of austerity measures helped families survive.

Of course, the government programs of the New Deal helped as well.  These programs provided work for many, many people.  By doing so, these programs gave them money and a sense of hope and helped them to survive the Depression.

superbass77 | Student

Most people survived the Great Depression. They survived because of services like soup kitchens. Not everyone was affected really badly. SOme industries like Tobacco thrived. Think about it, if a man were to come home after he'd lost his job, he'd open a pack of cigatettes to feel calm. Most people just started to lack  food and water. Also, African Canadians who did performed jobs such as railway attendants did not lose their jobs. This was because it was seen as a bad thing to have a white person do the same jobs...so yeah