who is suppose to get the pearl necklace when atticus dies

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Scout will receive the pearl necklace and a ring which belonged to her mother - because a daughter is supposed to receive her mother's things.  Jem will receive Atticus' watch because the son will receive gifts from the father.  

"Scout: May I see your watch? "To Atticus, My Beloved Husband." Atticus, Jem says this watch is gonna belong to him some day.

Atticus Finch: That's right.

Scout: Why?

Atticus Finch: Well, it's customary for the boy to have his father's watch.

Scout: What are you gonna give me?

Atticus Finch: Well, I don't know that I have much else of value that belongs to me... But there's a pearl necklace; there's a ring that belonged to your mother. And I've put them away, and they're to be yours."


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