Who are the supporting characters for The Outsiders?no  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Aside from the main characters of the Susan Hinton novel, The Outsiders--namely the Curtis brothers, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston--the supporting cast includes.

  • TWO-BIT MATTHEWS.  A greaser known for his shoplifting talents and his switchblade, Two-Bit is close friends with Pony, Soda, Johnny and Dallas.
  • STEVE RANDLE.  Soda's best friend, he is a member of the gang who works with Soda at the gas station.
  • CHERRY VALANCE.  A cheerleader, Cherry is the girlfriend of Bob, the Soc killed by Johnny Cade.
  • TIM SHEPARD.  The leader of a rival gang of greasers, his group joins the Curtis brothers' gang in the big rumble against the Socs.
  • RANDY ADDERSON.  A Soc with a conscience, he is Bob's best friend. However, after Bob's death, he decides to avoid the rumble and later testifies in defense of Ponyboy.
  • BOB SHELDON.  The Soc with the rings, he has beaten Johnny badly in the past. Johnny gets his revenge, stabbing him when Bob tries to drown Pony in the park.
  • BUCK MERRILL.  Dallas's friend who loans his T-Bird to Dally to head to Jay Mountain. 
  • JERRY WOOD.  He is the adult at the church who is "too fat" to help save the kids from the fire.