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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Storm is the family's buffalo. He is tied to the harpoon rope in Chapter 9 so that Fritz can bring ashore an enormous sturgeon that is eight feet long. In this chapter, the family sets up a fishing operation, and they use a harpoon and bow and arrow to kill large fish. However, they can not drag the largest fish to shore, so Storm is very useful to them. The family often relies on Storm as they would rely on a horse. Later, Storm is used, along with the bull named Grumble, to carry the mother of the family in a basket that is slung between the two animals. Storm is also used, with Grumble, to carry off the deadly serpent that kills their ass, and he is later employed in carrying the basket with Grumble when the family is gathering corn. Storm is a reliable work animal for the Robinson family.